“We focus on identifying young musical talent and provide the necessary platform to manage, mentor and enhance their musical careers.”

- Bright Star Management

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ABOUT Bright Star Management

At Bright Star Management we recognise the value of emerging musical talent. We work closely with other industry professionals to identify emerging artists and provide access to opportunities that enable each artist to flourish, develop their confidence and enhance their musical abilities. We recognise that no two artists are the same and creating a development strategy tailored to the artists requirements is key to securing a successful career in the industry. To this end all our artists have access to our creative and professional teams with the aim of creating not just high quality music but securing the right outlet for that music to be heard.

Label Service
All musicians, at whatever stage of their career, want to sign to a record label! However, the music industry has gone through a significant change and securing record deals are largely a thing of the past unless an artist has made a mark in the industry. In recognition of this we offer a full label service to our artists so that they can create their own music, have access to a digital and physical platform for distribution worldwide through Universal Music Operations and benefit from full access to a label service team.

Access To the Media Industry
Bright Star Management works closely with media professionals to enable our artists to have access to a range of media outlets through our network of music business partners. From songwriters to recording studios, specialist media lawyers, PR, press professionals and music promoters, we work with the artist to develop a marketing and PR strategy that best suits their needs.

Full Client Service
At Bright Star Management we will work closely with the artist to identfiy a career development strategy that best suits their abilities. Working closely with our music business partners we can offer access to the full range of professional expertise that a musician needs.

Here to Listen
At Bright Star Management we want to hear your music. We will offer genuine guidance and advice so whatever your abilities we want to hear from you.



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